Spruce Up Sacramento

city of sacramento volunteers hard at work

If you are one of those people who love this great city we live in, but feel that it is in need of a little sprucing up, the City of Sacramento has a solution for you. Get ready to roll up your sleeves and go to work because there is a place where you can join like minded people and make a difference.

The City of Sacramento has a volunteer program which allows those age 12 and up who would like to help in a variety of city departments. You can be of service, and do so in an organized way. You will be going to different parts of the city to work on projects, help with community issues, special events, animal care, and so much more. You will be working with other people, and all of this while having a good time. The opportunities are many, and there is something for anyone who has the motivation to make a difference.

The Adopt-A-Park Program is one of the city volunteer’s greatest successes in attracting great turnouts, with plenty of hand tools, gloves, hard work, and of course, donuts and pastries.

Volunteering is the gift of giving of yourself. There are always a reward that comes back when we give. I hope this helps to make the giving easier, and may all of your volunteering be rewarded.

You can visit the City of Sacramento’s volunteer site here.

Volunteer Interest Form can be found here to help the City place you.

The City of Sacramento also has a Facebook page here with plenty more many interesting pictures and additional facts.

Talk to others who have volunteered for the city and find out just how rewarding the experience can be.

Photo Credits: SacVolunteers Facebook

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