Elk Grove Certified Farmers’ Market



[This review is the second in a series of reviews. I will be visiting the different farmers’ markets throughout the Sacramento area to tell you what types of things you can find at each, who is selling what, and where their products came from.]

The Farmers’ Market in Elk Grove was especially impressive to me. Every stand I went to was full of locally grown goods. Thankfully for our Mediterranean climate, there was no shortage in variety.

Fruits, vegetables, flowers, honey, nuts and herbs both conventionally and organically grown were on showcase here.

By far the most popular attraction was the strawberries, which I could smell as soon as I got out of my car. As I walked by, the man working the berry booth was very friendly and stopped what he was doing, said hello, and asked me to take a few berries for my family to sample. The berries were out of this world and its no wonder with this kind of salesmanship and product that there was a line of people happily waiting to buy these gems – literally by the box.

Another great booth was the honey booth. If you’re a nut about honey, like I am, then you surely want to check this stuff out. The bottles of honey that they sell have all the great stats: organic, non-pasteurized, and cold pressed. The glass bottles filled with this amber colored good stuff come in a variety of flavors from orange to lemon. There was also pure honey comb here which I have never had, but learned that it is waxy and chewed like bubble gum.

It was hard not to be captivated by the booths of beautiful flowers and bouquets. It seemed all the stands were adorned with bright yellow sunflowers. The prices for bouquets were $5-$7; a mere fraction of what you would be paying at a retail store.

My personal favorite was the olive oil from Cecchetti Olive Oil, a producer from Lodi. The oil was golden and rich with a slight greenish hue to it. This olive oil was so good!

There was also free range meat and eggs for sale here.

Bottom line: This isn’t the State Fair – There isn’t any live music or prepared food for sale here. This is a small market; but the produce is great, inexpensive, and local.

Elk Grove Farmers’ Market is held every Saturday at 8215 Laguna Blvd, Elk Grove, CA 95758, at the Sprout’s parking lot, starting at 8 a.m.

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